Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walking @ Akihabara (Yodobashi Camera) - Part I of the Otaku. 
Yodobashi Camera - Yes they sell camera, but they also sell a lot of other things like games, appliances, toys, books, music & other stuffs in this multistory building. They have one story dedicated to just toys & hobbies...and it is huge.

On another note... I watched an episode of Kamen Rider W on TV and I just love it.  This short trip to Japan has got me started on Kamen Rider.... LOL  So I really enjoyed all the Kamen Rider figures on display at Yodobashi.

It was toward the end where I was taking picture of these Saint Seiya figures that a Yodabashi clerk came to me and said, "No no ca-mu-ra..."  But by that time, I have already taken all the pics I wanted. =P


  1. I always get put off when someone come and tell me no camera...I mean what is there things at stake here? You are not taking the pricing...sigh...

  2. all those beautiful toys!!! Like leon I also wonder why they always don't allow ppl to take photos......wouldn't they want more publicity?

  3. I don't get it either... I went back to that store a few times afterward and found the same guy going around telling other people that they can't use their camera. What a turn off. LOL

  4. On my one trip to Japan, this happened everywhere. Though at the Kotobukiya Store I visited the allowed me to do as I pleased , a pleasant change. I also found that if you have a SLR and it was around your neck like me you could shoot without focusing and get the majority of what you wanted with some careful practice :)

  5. The reason why photography is frowned upon if anyone is interested is about respect. It's considered bad manners to be blatantly disobedient in public in Japan. It's understandable, it's bad manners in western society to publicly break the rules without regard as well. I'm not saying I agree with it, or necessarily abide by it, but it's their decision to not allow photography. It is very common in nearly every store to see No Photography signs. I have asked permission to photograph things before and been both accepted and declined.

    I love the Zaku Stack. I have a box of those and they are challenging to stack up.

  6. @zerofigures: I was at the kotobukiya store too, but this time they didn't allow me to take pics at all. =(

    @Tonzo: Yeah you are right, is all about respect. But thats too bad though, is just more publicity for them ya'know. I also got the Zaku Stack & GM Stack in stock too. They are pretty popular in Japan right now.

  7. OMG We go to this shop every weekend. I might have seen and passed you without recognizing. ("_")

  8. I must go to the land of gunpla!


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