Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1:144 Scale Gundam UC 'Drydock' Diorama Project - Concept Art

Here is an concept art of how I am envisioning my 1:144 scale Gundam UC 'Drydock' diorama project.   There are plenty of ideas that I've yet to draw in... but I better hold off on it until I make further progress with my GG Inifinite webstore first...

Right off the bat, I think 'size' is really important.... I don't want to envision something so grand that I won't have the room to create, or take too long to accomplish.  So what I would need to do is to cutback on the size of this project into a more manageable size.  Will need to ponder on that a bit.
Will continue to provide updates to document my entire progress for this project.. And I welcome your suggestions / opinion as I begin to tackle this beast.


  1. woah.. looks like a huge project.. im excited hearing abt it too. XD cant wait to see how it'll turn out.. =) oh btw i've added you to my blogroll.. cheers!

  2. I think you need to cut the top and two sides off a cardboard box, put a 1/144 Jegan in there, and try to visualize how big you want to go and how much of the dry dock you want to portray. This project sounds absolutely epic and I can't wait to see it come to fruition. 頑張ってください!!

  3. @RennTaka: Thanks the add to your blogroll bro.

    @Tonzo: Good idea, I will do that and then start to playaround with my pla-plates, being collecting dust for too long.


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