Thursday, January 7, 2010

PSP: Gundam Assault Survive (Update 2)

A recent publication from Famitsu has shed a little bit of light on the upcoming PSP game "Gundam Assault Survive".

Gundam Assault Survive - Boxart

Official Website:

A few screenshots from the official website:

A brief note about the game from Famitsu:
Gundam Series included in the game will be the following list. **I am sorely disappointed that 2nd season of Gundam 00 & Gundam 0096 (Unicorn Gundam) are not included** Players will be able to select scenarios from the different era in the Universal Century & alternate universe series. With the usual variety of missions, pilots & mobile suits acquistion with players strenthening the stats of units as they play thru the game.
- MSG Gundam 0079
- MSG 0080: War in the Pocket
- MSG 08MS Platoon
- MSG Gundam Gaiden
- MSG 0083 Stardust Memory
- MS Z Gundam
- Gundam Sentinel
- MSG Char's Counterattack
- MSG F91
- MS V Gundam
- MSG 00 (1st Season)

Gundam Seed Preview Images:
Gundam 00 Preview Images:

MSG F91 Preview Images:

MS V Gundam Preview Images:

Story elements will be included in the game with characters animations during the game's missions. You may choose the hero character to play and view the story from their perspecitive. And players will also be able to alter story element based on their actions.

Chessboard Bound Maps:
Enhancing upon the system created for the Battle series, this game will include multiple linked maps mission structure. Missions' elements will change in real-time, and enemies will be able to move between the linked map depending on the story elements / situation. Linked maps all play out in real-time, so tactical situation awareness is key when you move back and forth between maps.
Players will need to keep an eye on their HP at all times, especially the variety of auxiliary and SP gauges for special attacks!

Another new feature is the 3 MS platoon system. Player will be able to organize their own platoon with their favorite characters & mobile suits. During the combat phase, players can give simple commands to ally units. Info on this is a bit vague at this point, but I shall provide further updates as they becomes avaliable.

The game also support multiplayer cooperative game matches. With multiple linked maps scenarios, you can imagine the tactical gameplay involved.

Images from Famitsu


  1. so is da gameplay like gundam battle universe, chronicles and etc??? but dat sucks dat it doesnt haf 00 second season and unicorn. i was looking forward to using garrazo and sinanju lol

  2. @A1S: Gameplay should be similiar to the Battle series, since the same development team. As for not including 2nd season of 00, and no Unicorn Gundam series can only mean one thing. They are going to milk us for more $$ when the next Gundam Assault Survive II comes out. LOL.

    @BB: Is that a compliment? haha

  3. damn dey must love making money lol


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