Friday, July 24, 2009

Tamashii Stage Act 3 Stand (Clear Type)

For Robot Damashii colloectors who wants to do simple diorama with their Gundams, the Tamashii Stage Act 3 Stand (Clear Type) is an awesome choice. All parts are clear (not the previous releases in black).

Release Date: July 25th '09
Price: 1,300 Yen

Images from Tamashii Web


  1. I'm just sharing my experience with this unit because I bought one and I'm NOT HAPPY!!!This product lacks strength. After using this stand with Lancelot Albion and Guren Seiten overnight, everything were assembled properly. The next morning, to my surprise the material had cracks, it was poorly made. This product easily breaks, A LEMON. Not really worthy of your money. So if you want one, better think twice.

  2. @Anon: Thanks for the tip bro. The plastic does look kinda weak. But now that I know what happened to you, I won't even touch these at all.


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