Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gunpla Worklog: 1/100 Gundam Astraea FA Kai - Update 4

Another minor update for my customized Astraea.... and i had finally came up with a new name, it will just be called "Gundam Astraea FA Kai (Full Armored)".

So with the new name, it means that I will need to continue modifying the kit to fit theme of FA (Full Armored). Gundams from the 00 series are usually very slim (except for Seravee / Virtue), so I thought adding bulk would really add a nice contrast to the overall design.

I had been working on the upper body for so long, I thought I would take a break by working on the legs for awhile. So after I've extended the legs (Update 1), I am now going to add a full armored knee section. To do this, I will be using pla-plates....

After some cutting & sanding... here is the side view of the knee part.

Comparing the new design to see if it fits the overall build.

After the knee section is completed, I test fitted it. Looks alrite. And now I need a break...so I went back to working on the upper body.

As you can see I've worked on the upper body more since my last update, as I am now making modifications to the chest area. The chest area will be similiar to the bulky knee section, again to match the FA theme.

After some modding...here is what the chest will look like. Of course more sanding & detail will be added later, but for now I just want to finish all the big parts first.

Here is a conceptual shot of what my current design looks like...
(I accidently shot this one in black&white, and too lazy to retake)

More updates later. This kit is taking longer than I had previously planned. =(


  1. This is looking awesome! Great job with the knees. What thickness of pla plate did you use? It looks sturdy.

  2. Shaping up well. From that second pic of the test fitted knee it looks a little "boxy" and I think it may look nicer coming out at a bit more of an angle like it is in the first pic.

    I like the b&w shot. I think it gives a nicer feel for your goal because it doesn't have the distraction of the contrast between the coloured parts and the modded/primed parts.

  3. God.. At this stage the modding still in progress and the model still unpainted this looks so cool! :D

  4. @GaiGun: Thanks...For the pla-plates, generally I use the 1 cm thick plate. Although I have thicker ones, but they tend to be hard to cut by hand (I plan to purchase a bigger cutter soon though). For the knees, I double plated it, so each side is 2cm thick.

    @Tonzo: Yeah is pretty boxy..haha, but I will be adding little details onto it after I finish with the overall shape. You are also right about the angle of the knee, the first pic does look better. I will take your suggestion and have it angled. =)

    @mkuain: This is probably my 2rd mod project (1st was the OverFlag which I have yet to finish, and the 2nd was the Takkeman for a friend), so thanks for the nice comment. I am learning as I go.

  5. Looking very good!

  6. I was curious how to make a chest / shoulder like that, can you send the details of making images that chest :), amazing results by using pla plate

    if not too much trouble could you email to motomotiv3@gmail.com. thanks before


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