Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gunpla Gallery from the web - Flag Fighter for Life 2

In memory of the glorious Flag from G00 Season 1 and as a response to the "Flag Fighter for Life" post by fellow blogger Buster Beam (Plamo Addiction

I am also a Flag Fighter for Life. The design of the Flag mobile suit is the finest in the entire G00 series. IMO, the creator has messed up Season 2 keeping the Tieren (slow and grumpy) and totally getting rid of the Flag (fast & versatile), to creating the butt-ugly Samurai-bot to be piloted by an awesome pilot whom they @*#&!* up by giving him the name..Mr. Bushido.

So in rememberance of the late Flag. Here are some awesome images of a modded Over Flag Booster System (by an awesome modeller named Eddie), enjoy:

Images from


  1. nice post GG! I saw this out on the web as well but i dont think i can let it stand at this alone. The Flag's deserve a bigger tribute. btw i agree 100% with what you wrote there. It's tragic how the Flags and Graham were treated in Season 2.

  2. Yeah BB LOL, perhaps you should consider building your own 1/100 OverFlag to commemorate.

  3. Flags are THE BEST mass production suits in AD, bith regular and Overflags, even Shell Flags and Strike flag wich was in one of Dengegi Hobby magazines (if I recal corectly), MG Flag (any of them but most propably overflag) will be a must-buy for me :D
    I think I will also made a post about Flags on my blog :D


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