Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BB Senshi Hi-Nu Gundam - Manual & Runner Review by KenBill

BB Senshi Hi-Nu Gundam (Release Date: Jul 2013, Price: 1,260 yen)
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  1. 2 out of 3 funnels on each side molded together? this is NOT forward progress!

    freaking insult to injury after only getting 1 effect part for each side (not going to mention that it's not even molded in translucent plastic), we don't even get SIX funnels

    1. Bitch, have you ever built the HG Hi Nu?

      You wouldn't complain if you have.

    2. Bitch you ever learn how to speak without insulting people?

      not everyone is capable of collecting every model in existance

    3. i have, the funnel setup is essentially the same...

      but it looks like this version has it set up in a way that if you had the parts you could get all 6 flying around. you couldn't do that in the hg.

    4. @Anon 8:43

      Bro, you're talking like you've known me for years. I think you have the wrong Anon. And no, Hi Nu isn't "every model in existence."


      This is what I mean. We have features from a HG in SD FORM, with lots of parts molded in the right colors, a clear stand, and 2 bonus effect parts. What more could you ask for from an SD kit?

      Comparing this to the ancient 001 Nu Gundam, and the G Generation Nu Gundam (can't remember the number) this a huuuuuuuuuge improvement.

    5. that's what you get after being spoilt by 3rd parties. the SD Hi-Nu 'EVO' from the 3rd party gives proper funnels, and clear effect parts to display the funnels launching. sure, it may be a HUGE step up from the old Nu Gundams, but after owning the 3rd party version, i can't help but feel this is lacking. but credit to Bandai for finally releasing a SD Hi-Nu


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