Sunday, May 29, 2011

1/16 Tekkaman Blastor - Customized Built by G.G.

Nothing to do with Gundam, but just want to post about it. Here are some images of a 1/16 Tekkaman Blastor (An old Bandai kit from the early 90's) that I had previously built.
Although I have never seen this anime before, but I thought the box art looks pretty awesome. As with any old kit, the quality is really poor, so I made some modifications to the kit. Basically I had modified the head, shoulder, legs, blade, arms, feet & collar area, back wing, added aurora stickers to various parts.... and after the modification the kit is a bit taller standing as tall as a 1/100 scale gundam kit. 
Modeled by G.G.


  1. Wow, very nicely done GG! The differences between the finished model and the snapfitted model are amazing!!

  2. Wow the end result is just too beautiful, probably i want the kit look as good as yours if i made one.

    By the way does the sliding effect of the shoulder and the arm to reveal the orbs come with the kit? These orbs are used to release Voltekka which is pretty much equivalent to WMD in the series.

    If possible please make the Sol Tekkaman 3 as well

  3. excellent job as usual man. but youre missing out if you havent seen the show. tekkaman was a pivotal part of my mecha experience.

  4. As always, thanks you for the nice comments my friends. =)

    @Yami: yes, the sliding effect is included but it looked awful, so remade it to look better.

  5. very nice! I wouldn't blame you if you never saw it,I have but no else have at all.It use to air on UPN on saturday mornings under the name teknoman,it's a very good show.There's also an ova sequel called tekkaman blade II.

  6. Tekkaman Blade is easily one of my favorite animes.


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