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C3 Hong Kong 2011 Coverage

C3 Hong Kong 2011 Coverage
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C3 Hong Kong 2011 - Photo Coverage (Part III - HERE)
C3 Hong Kong 2011 - Photo Coverage (Part IV - HERE)
C3 Hong Kong 2011: Interview with Mobile Suit Gundam UC Author - Harutoshi Fukui
The author of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC novel series, Harutoshi Fukui, was in Hong Kong for the C3 HK 2001 event between March 11th-12th.  It was within this time frame that Japan was dealing with the earthquake/tsunami disaster, but for the sake of the huge number Gundam fans at the event, he stayed for both the screening & signing session for the newly released Gundam UC Episode 3 'The Ghost of Laplace'.  Afterwards he even gave a speech talking about Gundam, in which he also took the time to praise the creativities of the modellers in Hong Kong.  It was a truly meaningful event.

During a press conference, Fukui sensei admitted that he was actually a fan of the UC era in the Gundam series.  And that was the reason why he had decided to write the novel series Mobile Suit Gundam UC.  When Fukui sensei had finished the entire story for Gundam UC, he nervously took his drafts to the orginal Gundam creator/director Yoshiyuki Tomino for his review. Fukui sensei even asked Tomino sensei to freely edit whatever he felt necessary.  But Tomino sensei's respond was simply 'It is very good!'.  This gave Fukui sensei a lot of encouragement.

With regards to the upcoming Gundam UC Episode 4, Fukui sensei revealed that the story will move from space down to earth.  He actually spent quite a bit of time when writing this portion, figuring out just how to deal with the physics for weapons effects & MS operations under earth's gravity, in order to be able to protray a realistic result.  The anime production team of Gundam UC hopes to produce another high quality episode for everyone to enjoy.  And also, to satisfy the older generation Gundam fan, in episode 4 there will be appearance of lots of MSV mobile suits that until now had only been seen in manga / novels.  This really make us all eager for the upcoming episode this Fall.

* Original chinese content was composed by CyberGundam (HERE), translated to english by Gundam Guy *

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