Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Visit to the Asobit City @ Akihabara (Aug. 21st, 2010)

This is Asobit City.....where gets all their new release pictures when they update their website.  Asobit City is a chain of hobby related stores owned by the Laox group. There are actually three Asobit City stores in Akiba - one is Asobit Game, the Asobit Hobby near Akihabara station and the Asobit Chara City.

The one I went to this time is the Asobit City near the Akihabara Station, a big thanks to Gaijin Gunpla for taking me there.  Asobit City is a multi-story building store full of various video games/toys/figures/hobby for your regular Otaku.  They have one level solely dedicated to Gunpla & Gundam related merchandises, and another level mostly for hobby supplies.   

Definitely the place looks quite different than how I thought it looked from  It was defintely more compact than I thought it would be.  But I was amazed at the quality of gunpla kits on display, they were very well painted and also they have very nice diorama too.

The latest & greatest are ususally stacked in the middle, so folks can easily grab'em.
Asobit City has some of the most beautifully painted gunplas. They even display sample paint schemes describing how to go about painting in various styles. I definitely learned something new there.
They have a small workshop where gunpla masters create nice looking gunpla for display.  Here they were working on the MG The O.
I purchased quite a bit of souvenirs there.... and even got myself some cospa clothing such as this one... A ZEON windbreaker.   Can't wait for Fall to come, so I can wear it to show my devotion for the Principality of Zeon..SEIG ZEON!  (And yes.... the model below is me. LOL)
The following are photos I had taken way back in May 2006 at another Asobit City in Tokyo.


  1. The Chrome Big O is it a limited edition or a custom kit?

  2. Is the first time I saw it myself... don't know when it would be release though.

  3. I like the RGM Type C Ground. I'm looking for the MG version for a bigger scale.

  4. I see a picture in there that's from Yodobashi Akiba and not Asobit City. :)


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